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Rather your brand is new or you are re-launching, a cosmetic marketing strategy matters. Red Graphical helps our beauty clients with a brand-building strategy that will help them stand out in this ever-growing industry. Our proven tactics will help you reach your target consumer and spark a new conversation with those skeptical to try your brand. 


There is more than one way to gain a customer. At Red Graphical, we have the ideas, insights, and real-life experience in cosmetics marketing community building.

Our CEO spent years working behind the chair in salons and barbershops using technical jargon to convince customers to join digital community spaces. Using similar techniques, we will go through a series of steps to build a community of fans and customers.

creating A NEED

Positioning your cosmetics brand as a "need" and not only a "want" is the goal. With so many of the same types of cosmetics, your baby, your brand must stand out.

We will work collaboratively to carve out your unique position all while helping you achieve your number #1 goal to "Influence the Beauty Industry". 

cosemtics influencer marketing

It goes without saying that Influencer Marketing is not a trend, it is a must. Influencers have the ability to go beyond the web to the real world all to share with people your brand.

By working with Red Graphical, your cosmetics brand will be introduced to more communities of beauty lovers seeking to spend their hard-earned coins and share your products with friends and family. 

how to grow your beauty brand
Computer Keyboard

The power of words can influence anyone to believe your brand of products and services are amazing. 

The power of influence from a trusted source goes from online to offline resulting in revenue. Trust the process.

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"OMG! You're on the 'Discover page'!"

Starting a new brand is difficult especially when you are an independently owned Black and/or Minority-owned cosmetic. We know you are seeking to leave a valuable impression in the Beauty industry so by working with a trusted source, a niche-based influencer who uses your products, you will get the awareness and engagement that you were seeking.

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